Name tapes and labels for clothing

If you are searching the internet for name tapes and labels for clothing then you have definitely found the right place. We have been printing name tapes and labels for over 20 years. Once your order has been received we usually ship your labels within 24 hours. So rest assured, you will receive your name tapes labels very quickly.

There are 3 types of labels available: iron on labels, stick on / waterproof labels and sew in labels.

Name tapes iron on Labels for clothes

name tapes iron on labels example

These iron on labels for clothes are perfect to put on anything you don’t want to lose. Ideal for children at school or clubs to caring for an older family member who attends a day care centre or care home.

All iron on labels are custom designed by you. You add your own text and choose the font colour to use. You can personalise the iron on label with a preselected logo, or you can use your own.

Our name tapes iron on labels are made from a soft fabric and an advanced adhesive glue which sticks to your clothing when you iron them on.

To design your own iron on labels and get them delivered quickly, click here.

Please be aware that iron on labels are not suitable for fluffy, knitted or terry towelling type fabrics. You are better off choosing sew in name tapes labels made from a soft satin material.

Name tapes stick on labels

name tapes stick on waterproof labels exampleOur stick on labels are brilliant for sticking on just about everything you don’t want your child to lose. From school sports equipment, lunch boxes and drinks bottles, to the inside of shoes.

These name tapes stick on labels all come supplied with a set of clear protective covers to make them waterproof. This gives the stick on labels extra durability for use in shoes or when washed in the sink or dishwasher.

All stick on labels are designed by you. You chose the text and colours to use. And you chose a logo to include on your label.

To design your own waterproof stick on labels and get them delivered quickly, click here.

Please note that these stick on labels aren’t suitable for clothing, so it’s best to use iron on labels or sew in labels for clothes.

Name tapes sew in labels

For the ultimate name tapes label for clothes, go for the custom made sew in labels.

These sew in labels are made from a soft satin fabric and are ideal for all types of clothing, toys or craft items.

When you order your name tapes sew in labels, you choose the font type, colour and logo to use. If you want to use your own logo, then let us know. We are more than happy to assist. Just send us an email with your sew in label requirements to before ordering.

All name tapes sew in labels are designed so you can fold them in half to make a loop. Then just sew both ends together into one seam.

To design your own sew in labels and get them delivered within 24/48 hours, click here.

name tapes sew in labels example

Order a combination of all 3 types of name tapes labels

Some parents and carers want a selection of 2 labels or all 3 types of name tapes labels. We listened to our customer feedback and created combination packs.

Waterproof stick on labels

name tapes stick on waterproof labels example for shoesDon’t forget that the stick on labels come with a clear set of waterproof covers. This option gives you the satisfaction that these name tapes labels will survive the dishwasher. And all the accidents that can and will happen inside and outside of the home.

Our waterproof stick on labels are great for the inside of shoes. Without the waterproof covers, the labels would not last 2 minutes. We’ve been developing the best waterproof labels for 20 years to get the right label, that works and we are 100% happy with.

New range of Feet Labels

name tapes stick on waterproof labels feet example

These colourful labels come in 9 different designs and have a strong adhesive backing printed with a durable ink. The kids are going crazy for these labels.

Each set of waterproof feet labels include 22 labels. And all for just £3.99.

  • 4 feet labels (approx. 31mm x 15mm)
  • 6 large labels (38mm x 13mm)
  • 12 small labels (23mm x 7mm)
  • Plus 1 sheet of clear protective covers to make them waterproof

Order your feet labels here.

Need to purchase custom labels?

No problem! We do get asked many times if we can provide a custom logo, or a larger batch of name tapes labels. And the answer will always be “yes we can” (most of the time).

So if you are looking for a bespoke design or order quantity, then email us at and we will get back to you straight away. We are in the office from 8am to 6pm each day (Mon-Fri).

For urgent requests, please call the office on 07976 538730 during normal working hours. We are always happy to help.

Our name tapes sew in labels for clothing conform to EU Legislation

We have worked hard over the years to make the perfect sew in labels. That’s why our sew-in nametape labels are fire safe if you’re wanting to use them on clothes, soft toys or crafts you are making.

For more information on sew in labels and CE labelling, visit

Your name tapes labels are usually shipped within 24 hours

Yes, that’s right! We thrive from our excellent customer service and speed of delivery is one of our key features of our business.

All name tapes labels are printed in our office in the UK. So if you place an order before the post man arrives, we can usually get your name tapes labels shipped the same day. If not, they’ll definitely be in the post the next day.

Name tapes for School uniforms

Our iron on name tapes are perfect for school uniforms. The labels have a super strong adhesive on the backing of the label. Guaranteed to last longer than any standard iron on label.

We will send you a detailed list of how to use the name tapes correctly to ensure maximum longevity on your children’s school uniforms.

For that extra touch of finesse, you can use sew-in labels. These are loop fold labels, meaning you fold the label in half, then sew both ends of the name tapes label into the seam.

Name tapes for care homes

To ensure your family members belongings are kept safe and not misplaced within a care home, we offer a great combination pack of name tapes labels, which are easy and quick to use. So that everything you take to the care home can be labelled.

Need help?

We are more than happy to help and answer any questions you have. Either email us at or call us on 07976 538730.